Getting Closer

The 3/8″ aluminum tubing came in so I finished the vent on Fuel system, so that’s completely finished now.

Had to dramatically trim the PPP shifter bracket to not interfere with the TTI headers. These are the “before” pics, I’ll take “after” pics later. Shifter mounted and Neutral Safety Switch now all wired.

I installed a new window net and Cam Lock Safety Harness.

Spent about an hour at O’Reillys looking at truck radiator hoses that had the right angles after trimming to fit a custom aluminum radiator and CRI waterpump. Found, trimmed, and installed – but no pics – yet.

Since the Texas Thug wasn’t going to be ready for race in Bradenton, FL (leaving early Tuesday morning) – there’s been a trash to build a new motor and trans for Vitamin C and to install it.

Motor and trans were finally installed last week. Tuesday I took it for an 8-mile drive to key in on what adjustments were going tl be needed.

Brought back to the shop to run valves and check for leaks by letting it set.

I was not at the shop Wednesday, and when I returned Thursday morning there was a small puddle of gas under car. It was discovered to have been an old fuel hose between the regulator and rear carb, so a new one was made and installed.

I took it for a harder ride, shifting at 5500 and cruising at about 5500 – which i’m guessing is about 90. No vîdeo as I felt it prudent to use both hands, instead of holding up phone. 90mph was about the best I could muster on the 35mph  narrow and bumpy back road my shop is on. I’m pretty sure a passenger would have puked! There was a little bog of a rolling start, so the carb springs were changed from orange to yellow. There was a little leak at back of one valve cover, so it was changed to a cork gasket. The transmission rolled forward a little in neutral, and wouldn’t start two out of five times in Neutral, so a shifter adjustment was made. Also the oil and filter was changed and inspected for trash. Looked very good.

Finally, I took it for a very short and not very hard run to make sure all felt well and and then let it sit for a couple hours to look for leaks. All appears well.

Today my handyman is cleaning it up while I’m at lake for weekend. I’ll load up Monday, spend Monday night at shop, and leave at 5am Tuesday to bang out 900 of the 1100 miles to my first race of 2018. I’ve had some very bad luck with motors and transmissions, and made dramatic changes. Hopefully my luck changes and I can have a good year

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