How I Spent My Spring Break in Florida

By Dave Schultz

The below is a couple of frames from a video of my wreck last Friday at Orlando Speed World.

All started out fine, I even had a killer light of .002

I’m typically, a high 3-second 330′, but still fast enough to be in front of Corky

Maybe 150-200′ out I the Oil Filter Seal pushed out, but I never saw the smoke.

Suddenly, I heard a loud noise from the rear and the car made a hard right just as Corky Bumpus was passing me in the Left lane. I lifted, but that’s all I could do as the Passenger side of the AR was in the air and I was looking out the window at the pavement. I thought I’d lost the Driver’s slick.

I thought I was going to roll and was expecting to eat glass.

As you can see from the above frames, I’d beat Corky to the 330′ and was going as fast as him sideways. The right side came back down and the front of the car was just about to hit the wall. I yanked the wheel left and the car hit the wall in the right corner at about the 450′ down track.

The car bounced off the wall and the right side came up again.

I came to a stop just as Corky crossed the 660′.

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