There is a Place

There is a place for those who race in the Index classes. There a place for those running in various organizations for these indexes. There is a place to ask your technical questions, and a place for helpful Racers with experience to answer those questions. There’s a place to find real time updates of races and their recaps. There is a place where you can buy and sell related cars and parts – or post a want or need. There is a place that has all of these class races on monthly calendars. There is a place where your race team can have its own Race Blog, which can be public. private or invited only.

The single goal of nssracing’s magazine and forums is to help grow the sport by helping those currently racing, and to educate those who might consider racing in the class.

Please check it out if you’re interested in Nostalgia Super Stock, Nostalgia Muscle Car, Super Stock and/or Stock Eliminator. Help answer any unanswered tech questions. Vote in the opinion polls. List your race cars and parts. Please consider participating so we can grow these classes.

I no longer post in Facebook Groups, so share this resource with you racing friends.

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