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There’s a saying in drag racing, “The quickest way to have a million dollars from drag racing is to start with two million.

Competitive drag racing in the faster classes of Nostalgia Super Stock ain’t cheap. A good engine is $25,000+ and a good transmission $7000. By the time you build a good looking, dependable and fast NSS car, you’ve easily have $100,000 in it. Then there’s the motorhome and trailer, race gas for car and diesel for motorhome – and don’t get me started on breakage.

I’m not going to insult anyone by saying I’m a pauper or that I’m not living the dream I always had as a young man – but I will tell you that I could use some product sponsorship help.

However, unlike most racers swinging from the tie of manufactures and dealers, I do have many things to offer a product sponsor in return.

  • I’ve won multiple Wallys and the 2014 National Champion in Nostalgia Super Stock (a very large and very competative class) of NMCA.
  • In eight full seasons of racing in NMCA, I’ve never finished lower than 4th.
  • I’ve always fielded a unique and eye catching car that pulls the front wheels high.
  • Product Sponsors have their larger advertisement at a prominent area of paint on the car, where contingency stickers are window only.
  • I display a link to the sponsor’s site on the menu of the car’s web site.
  • I put a linking banner to the sponsor’s web site on the side bar of the cars site
  • I put large linking banners f the sponsor on eight web sites I administer.
  • I’ll fly the sponsors banner on my trailer in the pits
  • I’ll do my best to promote the sponsor in the pits, on the forums, and on Facebook when appropriate.

I’m not looking for anything close to a full sponsorship, but to just return many of the good parts I had to take off another race car going through a restoration, and some of the consumables lost through catastrophe or wear. The below us a list of racing parts I can use now so I can return what was borrowed from another race car, or soon need because of wear or attrition.

  • 31″ x 15 10.5W slicks
  • Set of High Quality Piston and/Rods
  • Race Crankshaft and lifters
  • Lightweight racing wheels
  • Fuel System (High Volume gas/carburetor Pump and Filters)
  • 16v Batteries
  • Lightweight Disc Brakes
  • Valves, Springs and Retainers
  • Harmonic Dampener
  • Torque Converter
  • Billet Transmission Drum
  • Aftermarket Mopar RB block
  • Race Gas
  • Ignition Box
  • Starter Motor
  • Carburetors
  • Body Wrap
  • Ring and Pinion gear
  • Motor, transmission and gear oil
  • Front and rear shocks/springs
  • Headers
  • Water Pump
  • Radiator and e/fan
  • Driveshaft
  • Rear Axles
  • Just about anything used in drag racing

If you can help, please email me at davetheoldhippie @ Gmail.com or call me at 713-899-7704. If you know someone who might be interested, would you forward this to them for me?

Thanks for reading this far

Dave Schultz





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