Bouncing Between Vitamin C & Thug

Today at the shop, I unloaded Vitamin C and golf cart. The Whale was moved from lift bay so Vitamin C can go on lift.

Pulled cross Ram intake off Vitamin C to put STR14 on, and learned that the Str 14 ports won’t work on a Max Wedge.

Looked at the ModMan intake on my 65 Post car that I want to make into a A990 clone, and will swap that on to the Vitamin C. The Valve covers had a lot of milk on the inside. Got concerned but oil looked good when drained.

Pressure checked radiator and it held pressure with a very little milkiness coming out of a head bolt. Hopefully a little Liquid Glass will seal that up. The car has been going through some major temperature and humidity changes in last couple of months so I’m sure that’s where the milky oil cane from. The Vitamin C still needs to have the valves run after a fresh 10 quarts of 20-50 conventional oil put in, and a half pint of liquid glass in radiator to seal any minor leak. We’ll check it again and change to Synthetic after Atlanta in a couple weeks.

On Thug, checked and adjusted Caster, filled up rear end with Royal Purple gear lube, checked all nuts under the car, finished everything under hood, cut up a near perfect grill to make a two headlight A990, and wired the head lights.

After my daughter was finished cleaning the coach, she washed all of the weights and I hit them with two coats of primer and a coat of hammered tone Grey. I still need to hit with another coat of paint, weigh and mark with the weight. I was tired of dirty hands from the raw cast iron when handling.

Sorted through three sets of Big Block Hooker Comp headers and two sets of small block. I’ll keep the better set of coated comps and sell the set needing repair and the smaller tube Street/Strip. The small block are crap so they went into scrap pile.

Tomorrow is packing day at the Katy house as the movers will be here 9am Thursday to take a truckload to lake house.

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